Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Trying to keep up with the times!

Happy new year, folks!

I returned from India, after an eventful four-hour delay at Frankfurt while we 300 or so passengers waited inside the plane, and after missing the connection at Denver and staying overnight at a hotel.

A stack of bills in my mailbox--including the APCG membership renewal notice.  There was also a note there from our treasurer, Bob, on how to make the payment online. Via PayPal.

This option was timely--a couple of months ago, I had used up the last of my checks and wondered if I could, like most of the youth, essentially forego checks altogether, similar to how I have abandoned my landline. So, it was either PayPal or ...

The link from the APCG website that our webmaster, Jim, manages, was the launch off point.

The entire PayPal process took me no time at all, and I completed the renewal.

Of course, with the Bob/Jim combination, we would not expect any less.

There is a lot more of the technology gizmos that APCG could potentially tap into.  Of course, we might not want to use any of those merely for the sake of using them, and we want to adopt them because of the benefits to the association.  Send us your suggestions.

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Nancy Summers - valuadora said...

Great post and a reminder that we can effortlessly support APCG.